When visiting a new city like San Diego, you want to make sure you get the most you can out of it. One of the best ways to do this is by using smartphone apps that can give you information about the city you are in. There are tons of apps out there that are designed specifically for travelers that will help you find the best attractions to enjoy and get around the city efficiently. Here are all the apps you need to add to your phone before your next vacation.

Although this site has been around for a very long time, it is still an essential for anyone traveling to a new city (or even just looking to explore their own hometown). It provides customer ratings and reviews for tons of businesses around the world, as well as information provided by the business, photos, and more. It also works with your location, so you can search for the closest food or entertainment and get a list of answers right away.

Google Maps
Again, this app may be a classic, but it is really helpful to have on your phone while you are traveling. You can easily get directions to anywhere in the city for car, walking, or public transit, and you can also search attractions and businesses nearby to see what’s around. When exploring a new location, this app is very helpful for getting the lay of the land.

This app partners with tons of other popular apps to help you get rides, food deliveries, and more when you are on the go in a new city. You can use it to book hotel rooms, but it also acts as your personal concierge while you are traveling to help you have a more comfortable stay and enjoy your vacation.

If you struggle to pack the right supplies for your trips, then this app is definitely one to download. You’ll enter some information about where you’re traveling as well as some of your own personal preferences, and you’ll get a customized packing list with items you can check off as you are preparing for your trip. It creates the list based on the weather in your destination and the purpose of your visit, so you’ll get tons of recommendations that will really help you.

This app gives you great recommendations for things to check out in your new city, ranging from the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants to amazing locally owned boutiques and everything in between. Since everything is curated by residents of the cities, you get a truly local experience instead of just visiting the touristy areas. They also provide guides for popular events around the country, so if you happen to be visiting San Diego during Comic-Con, for example, you’ll get curated recommendations based on what’s happening around town.

This app is a great one to have while planning your trip. It helps you search through tons of deals on flights and places to stay, and aggregates tons of reviews and information from TripAdvisor and other places on the web to help you make the best decision and save money. The app also helps you find out what’s around before booking a hotel so you can find something in the neighborhood of your choice.

This comprehensive app is great when you need recommendations for things to do in a new city. It can connect you with tons of great restaurants and bars, but the most unique thing about it is that it lists local events that you may be interested in attending and helps you find events based on your own personal interests.

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